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Please Help Support Me!
  • The best way to support me is to give me feedback on my Discord server.
    Seriously, this is the best way to help me out! Please complain about every minor detail and ask for features you want! Being able to deliver updates and features you want is a big motivator to me!
  • If you'd like to help me pay for my server costs, you can also donate to me at This link.
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Paste or type in the room code and click the blue Join button.
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Select how you're able to communicate. If you can communicate with Voice, add a note about the discord server/channel you're using.
40-Card Singleton

Decks are limited to only 1 copy of each card and 40 cards max.

Coming Soon!

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Join a public room to play with players around the globe. Use the filters below to find a specific room.

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