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Welcome to the Multiplayer Test!

This feature is currently in-development and not ready for all players.
Please read these known issues before playing:
  • In game chat and game log are not completed. I highly recommend you play with someone while on discord / video call.
  • If there is no activity in a game room for 15 minutes, that room will be shut down to free up resources for other players.
  • Please expect potential crashes of the server, and loss of game progress around 4-5 PM (PST) until I have a better way of updating the server.


  1. Click "Create Room" below to create a new game room as host.
  2. Share the displayed Room Id to a friend! Your friend should paste the id into the box below and click "Join Room"
  3. Once your friend has connected, click the "Load Deck" button to select your deck.
  4. Once both you and your friend have loaded a deck, a "Start Game" button will appear. Click it to start the game.
  5. Once you are finished with the game, click the Settings Gear on the rightside of the playfield, and click "Reset Game". This will immediately terminate the game (for both players) and allow you to play another.
    I will add a more graceful method of managing this later.

Planned Roadmap:

  1. Combat system. (Declare Attackers/Blockers, Flash/No-Flash)
  2. Basic Game Log and Chat Window.
  3. Ability to modify BP and Level.
  4. Ability to save games in-progress when I perform server updates and reconnect automatically.
  5. Advanced Game Log.
  6. Matchmaking Lobby system.
  7. Ability to reset game instead of quitting.
  8. Ability to play best of 3 with sideboard changes.

Can create rooms: No
Connected Room: None

Room Id:
Join RoomJoin Room
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