Battle Spirits Saga Simulator: Solitaire

Welcome to BSSDB's BSS Simulator!

Improve your skill by practicing Battle Spirits Saga against yourself.

This feature has no awareness of card effects. Because of this, the simulator allows you to do things that are not allowed by the rules, but allows them because it has no idea when active effects might allow you.

While this Simulator works on phones (in landscape), the size of UI elements can make it quite difficult to play depending on your device. Fear not! I will be releasing an alternative UI shortly that makes it easier to play on a phone.

While I do plan to add some multiplayer aspects, I don't intend to implement full game rules or card effects. This "Simulator" is only designed to allow simple gameplay like or Tabletop Simulator. Battle Spirits Saga is a game that belongs to BANDAI. While I hope they see the value this Simulator can bring to the game and community, ultimately it's their right to control their game as they wish, and I certainly intend to respect those wishes.


  1. Make sure you're logged into BSSDB.DEV. If you don't have an account, you can register one in moments by logging in with your email or discord account. (This website doesn't collect any personal data, so registration is lightning fast!)
  2. Create the decks you would like to play with and save them to your account.
  3. Press the load buttons below to load the two decks you wish to play against each other.
  4. Press the Start Game button!

To quickly play a game without logging in, Click Here to load 2 starter decks.

Press F11 to enter a fullscreen experience!
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