Privacy Policy
Created June 15th, 2023
This privacy policy is subject to change at anytime without notice.
Privacy Goals
It is the intention of this website to provide an experience with your privacy in mind. We do not want to track your usage of this website, and we do not want to gather your personal information. However, some optional advanced features of this website require cookies and/or limited identifying information. This site aims to collect only what is absolutely required to provide the functionality of these features, and to use this information for no other purposes.
This website does not use cookies except for the following limited number of features. These features are labeled with notifications that using them will create a cookie.
  1. When signing-in/registering, a cookie is created to allow the server to identify your account. This cookie is used only for authentication purposes and is not used to track your usage of the site. Because this site only offers single-sign-in registrations, the service provider you use to register with will also use cookies according to that service's privacy policy.
  2. This website embeds several YouTube videos. Each of these videos includes a warning that when played, YouTube will load all of it's standard cookies. This could allow Youtube/Google to track your usage of this website by logging the page URLs you played the video on. For more information on how Google/YouTube uses the cookies and data they collect from you, please visit Google's Privacy Policy
Personal Information
This website does not collect any personal information except when registering for an account. The exact data collected depends on the service used to register for the account, and is only used to identify your account for authentication puproses.
  • Discord: When you register an account with Discord, this website will collect ONLY your unique discord account id number. Your Discord Username is not collected.
  • Google: When you register an account with Google, this website will collect ONLY your unique google account id number. Your Google email address/username are not collected.
  • Microsoft: When you register an account with Microsoft, this website will collect ONLY your unique microsoft account id number. Your Microsoft email address/username are not collected.
This information will not be provided to any other party except as required by a legally issued court-ordered warrant.
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Privacy Policy
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