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Honey, It's Time For Your Deck Flattening
ScrubLorde     1.007   0
Blue Symbolx41White Symbolx6Red Symbolx4
13th Angel10th Angel -EVA-00 Consumed-Absolute Ice Shield4th Angel10th Angel
Tutullo     1.006   0
Green Symbolx33Blue Symbolx7Red Symbolx6White Symbolx4
Armortree Deity Herak DynasDaimyo Beast Yaiba-no-KamiHorned General Tricera WarriorAbsolute Ice ShieldHeavenscloak Butterfly
green x red
Trill is shiesty     1.007   0
Red Symbolx27Green Symbolx19White Symbolx4
New EVA-02α & EVA-08γAbsolute Ice ShieldMari Makinami Illustrious -Operation Yamato-Asuka Shikinami Langley -Operation Yamato-EVA-08γ -Mark.09-A Consumed-
Green EVA08 Aggro
Gaboriel_Wayne     1.007   0
Green Symbolx48Red Symbolx2
EVA-08γ -Extra Four-in-One State-Emerald Greatbird AldeedRookie Ninja SparrowScopowlEVA-08γ -Mark.09-A Consumed-
Hentai Antagonist
ScrubLorde     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx32Purple Symbolx7White Symbolx7Red Symbolx4
Deepsea Emperor HydraTsathogguaCthulou SharkHarp Princess PollonBeldegor of the Dark World Seven
Made by a true Autist
ScrubLorde     1.007   0
Purple Symbolx40Blue Symbolx8White Symbolx4Yellow Symbolx3
EVA-13 -Spear of Longinus-EVA-01 & EVA-13EVA-13 -World of Memories-Evangelion Mark.06Harp Princess Pollon
She Smagg on my WILLE
ScrubLorde     1.007   0
Red Symbolx34Green Symbolx12White Symbolx4
New EVA-02α & EVA-08γNebula Dragon AndromedaJewel Dragon SmaggNew EVA-02α -Three-Barreled Gatling Gun-EVA-08γ -Extra Four-in-One State-
Red/Blue Control
RampKing     1.006   0
Red Symbolx23Blue Symbolx23White Symbolx4
Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm IraSupernova Dragon Siegwurm NovaDeepsea Emperor HydraGray, Servant of SiegwurmHarp Princess Pollon
Master roshi turtle hermit
Trill is shiesty     1.006   0
Yellow Symbolx44Red Symbolx3Blue Symbolx3
Ten Millennia Turtle GenbuDual EagleReborn Turtle Mock GenbuReborn Turtle Mock GenbuPhantasmal Paradise
Ira smagg ramp
Trill is shiesty     1.006   0
Red Symbolx36Green Symbolx9White Symbolx5
Jewel Dragon SmaggRage Star Dragon Siegwurm IraNebula Dragon AndromedaDustwyrm Drought DragonForest Guardian Alraune
Ira dragoon
Trill is shiesty     1.006   0
Red Symbolx44White Symbolx6
Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm IraSupernova Dragon Siegwurm NovaNebula Dragon AndromedaAbsolute Ice ShieldDustwyrm Drought Dragon
Meta hyrda
Trill is shiesty     1.006   -1
Blue Symbolx42Red Symbolx3White Symbolx3Purple Symbolx2
Deepsea Emperor HydraStarblessed DrawAbsolute Ice ShieldTsathogguaDeadly Balance
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