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Battle Spirits Saga Community Decks

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Rai     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx21Green Symbolx18Red Symbolx4White Symbolx4Purple Symbolx3
Forest Guardian AlrauneBarkmaiden LeuceriumColosseum GolemGreat Artificer SynthetriaScopowl
Hydra Red
Rai     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx24Red Symbolx22White Symbolx4
Deepsea Emperor HydraRage Star Dragon Siegwurm IraNebula Dragon AndromedaTsathogguaAbsolute Ice Shield
Quicker White
Rai     1.006   0
White Symbolx29Green Symbolx15Red Symbolx4Yellow Symbolx2
Forest Guardian AlrauneBarkmaiden LeuceriumFrost Tiger Heavy Armor FormMerged Mechlord Mammoth AegisMechabeast Fortress Naumanngard
WGB Mill
Rai     1.006   0
White Symbolx24Green Symbolx12Red Symbolx7Blue Symbolx7
Forest Guardian AlrauneBarkmaiden LeuceriumJewel Dragon SmaggMechabeast Fortress NaumanngardMerged Mechlord Mammoth Aegis
Hexv3n     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx38White Symbolx7Green Symbolx6Red Symbolx2
Deepsea Emperor HydraHarp Princess PollonAbsolute Ice ShieldFlood StreamCthulou Shark
Blue Sky, White Clouds
Rai     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx26White Symbolx14Red Symbolx8Green Symbolx2
Deepsea Emperor HydraFrost Tiger Heavy Armor FormTsathogguaGreat Artificer SynthetriaDinosaur Harrier Turborex
Rai     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx20Yellow Symbolx17Red Symbolx7White Symbolx6
Deepsea Emperor HydraDual EagleTsathogguaFrost Tiger Heavy Armor FormAbsolute Ice Shield
Rai     1.006   0
Red Symbolx42White Symbolx6Green Symbolx2
Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm IraNebula Dragon AndromedaHorned General Tricera WarriorSupernova Dragon Siegwurm NovaDustwyrm Drought Dragon
Ira Cheap
Rai     1.006   0
Red Symbolx40White Symbolx7Green Symbolx3
Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm IraSupernova Dragon Siegwurm NovaNebula Dragon AndromedaGray, Servant of SiegwurmAbsolute Ice Shield
Hydra TP
Rai     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx35Red Symbolx8White Symbolx7
Deepsea Emperor HydraTsathogguaGreat Artificer SynthetriaAbsolute Ice ShieldOcean Knight Allegro
Rai     1.006   0
Blue Symbolx30Red Symbolx12White Symbolx6Green Symbolx2
Deepsea Emperor HydraTsathogguaAbsolute Ice ShieldDeepwalkerVolcanic Canyon
Gale Nova
Rai     1.006   0
Green Symbolx26Red Symbolx17White Symbolx4Purple Symbolx3
Heavenly Emperor FenghuangRage Star Dragon Siegwurm IraSupernova Dragon Siegwurm NovaDivine Bird TokiwaScopowl
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