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BSS04 Savior of Chaos Prerelease Event

BSSDB.DEV is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the BSS04 prerelease event at our local game store! Sign-up Here

In addition to standard prizing available from the store, BSSDB is providing the following additional prizing!

  • 1 Additional Booster Box. Packs will be distributed so all participants get at least 1 pack and the remainder distributed based on match wins.
    If we reach 32/48/64 players, I'll make it 2/3/4 boxes instead!

  • A Lifetime Premium User Account on BSSDB.DEV. (This is the last time I'm offering this!)

  • An Exclusive Playmat created by BSSDB! One of these will be given away to a random player at the end of the event. If we reach 32 players, I'll give away two instead!

Please note: The additional prizing is being provided by BSSDB.DEV and not the store. If there is some kind of shortage on product availability, we will take responsibility for working on getting prizes to players.

Event Details

Sunday, February 25th
4pm Pacific Standard Time (UTC -0800)
64 Max Players
$30 Entry Fee
Zulu's Games Event Center
10131b Main St, Bothell, WA 98011
Food and Drink available on-site.
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